I was in class. It was 11:28 when I heard this high pitched alarm sound. “Whose alarm is that? Why don’t they turn it off?” Time passes and I wonder why they don’t just turn it off, it’s so distracting and annoying. Like one of those ear-piercing sounds. It seemed to sound for quite some time. Then I got this funny feeling. That’s my watch. My new watch that has an alarm on it that I never could figure out. I hoped no one noticed it was me and by the time I reached toward my bag to try to stop the madness the menacing sound was gone. I was embarrassed.

As I left class I heard this conversation among some students in my class.

Girl 1: okay, yeah. Chalk board grating sound during class. Did you hear that noise? It was like someone’s alarm went off. It was such an annoying sound.

Girl2: Yeah. I heard it. I kept wondering why they wouldn’t turn it off. It seemed to go on for like 3 minutes.

Girl3: Yeah, it did seem to go on forever. I just kept looking around to see who it was. Like why don’t you turn off your alarm.

Conversation continued as I walked away and hoped they didn’t figure me out. I was even more embarrassed when I heard that. I should have said something to break the ice and turn it into something funny. I was thinking the exact same things they were thinking until I realized it was MY alarm. Then I just hoped no one pin-pointed me.

So second embarrassment of the day. I was getting an overview of one of the studies I will be working on when I notice the guy’s eyes shifting to my crotch. He did it a few times before I came to the mental realization that it could only mean one thing–my fly is open. As he glanced away I took a quick look down and my suspicions were confirmed. How do you discretely fix that problem standing in front of the guy that notices. If someone tells you your fly is open, you have the freedom to turn around or just fix it in front of them. But if they are just staring at your zipper and trying not to smile you kind of just want to slap them and zip your fly quick while they recover from the shock. So I nonchalantly held the literature he just gave me in front of my zipper and waited until he left to fix it.

Today, my quick wit would have come in handy. I think I lost it along with my voice so I just ended up embarrassed instead. I’m still recovering…