Here’s a quiz about your’s truly. I’m procrastinating on writing about my recent trip to Haiti. Thought this would be fun. Put your answers in the comments (you don’t have to be a blogger to comment) and I’ll notify the winner. The winner will be mailed a real live prize!

1. My least favorite thing to do is:
a. talk on the phone
b. take a shower
c. clip my toenails
d. sit outside in the middle of winter

2. When I was in high school I was voted:
a. most likely to start a business
b. most artistic
c. most likely to get married first
d. I wasn’t voted anything

3. When I move into a new house the first thing I want to do is
a. Dissenfect everything
b. Paint
c. Unpack
d. Go back to the house I was in before

4. When faced with a challenge I would probably
a. Face it head on
b. Run
c. Hope my husband will take care of it
d. Ignore it

5. My favorite morning snack/breakfast is
a. A bowl of cold cereal with milk
b. Half a grapefruit with a toasted/buttered english muffin
c. Pancakes, bacon and eggs
d. A bowl of hot cereal and a glass of OJ