The Davinci Code Diet.

What the!?

Are they for real? Woman’s World in support of this embarassment is flaunting the diet on the bright yellow cover in supermarkets across America and where ever else they might feel so bold.

I didn’t even bother to look inside to read more on this foolishness. What in the world could a diet with that title involve? My conclusion was that it involved being fed a plate of lies. You’re bound to loose weight eating nothing but lies…There is a spiritual reference there.

At this point I’m aware that this post could take several turns.

1. I could begin to rant about how silly it is

2. I could offer a conjecture that this is an attempt to sell more books and movie tickets

3. Maybe I could write about health and beauty and how women’s magazines exploit the struggles with identity, weight, appearance etc of the very group they claim to want to help

4. Is Woman’s Day low on readership and just trying to sell more magazines?

5. Perhaps I could really spend some time and talk about how foolish it is for people to read a FICTION book and conclude that the information that is presented in the book is fact. Then I can also say how foolish and decieved the world has become to believe that a THEORY called Evolutionary THEORY is fact. Does the world need more excuses for not being accountable for their sin?

6. I could talk about how overweight America is. And how [y]our love for food will maybe fill that hole in your belly, but not in your heart….yaddah yaddah yaddah. And please show the other countries that we aren’t a bunch of “no child left behind idiots” by not falling for this FAD DIET.

7. I could also risk informing you about the diet and list a bunch of links so you can find out more, but I don’t want you to find out more about this diet ’cause I think it’s stupid

And lastly, the option of choice

8. I will simply say that The Davinci Code Diet is the saddest, silliest attempt to make money within the entire fad diet world

Before leaving…to be fair…maybe the diet is fine as far as diets go I think they all are stupid. Healthy eating and lifestyle changes are one thing but fad diets are dumb. Anyway, to be fair the maker of the diet (not Woman’s World) should take the time to change the name and maybe it wouldn’t be so stupid.